These Are Custom Pokemon Amiibo Fans Didn't Know They Needed


The Pokemon franchise would be nothing if it weren't for its fans, but Nintendo could also take a few hints from these fan-made amiibo that feature monsters from Sun and Moon.

At this point, fans have likely torn through the campaign of the recently released Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, much to the delight of Nintendo. While an onslaught of fans have helped to shatter records through the pair of titles (making them the most preordered Nintendo games ever), it's odd to recognize the lack of particular merchandise currently surrounding the products – namely, the highly collectible amiibo figures. These scannable statues seem like a no-brainer for any wannabe Pokemon Master, which means that it was really only a matter of time before fans would take to making them themselves.

For those unfamiliar with the world of custom amiibo, there are a number of desirable figures that gamers have made. Focusing on Pokemon, however, followers of the series have quickly taken to some of the new creatures and Alola-branded mainstays, and that's reflected in these lovingly crafted, fan-made toys. Those hoping to catch a glimpse of what a hypothetical line of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon (and more) amiibo would look like can see some prime examples below.


Credit: GandaKris


Credit: Akshop08

It's incredible to see what a pair of talented artists are capable of. In fact, the only thing that's slightly more incredible is Nintendo and The Pokemon Company's unwillingness to create such sleek collectibles for their fanbase. Perhaps the companies have plans in place to make similar amiibo in the near future, but for now it appears as if GandaKris and Akshop08 have gamers covered.

Some keen readers may have also noticed that there is a set of figures in the above images that include amiibo-fied versions of the leaders responsible for each of the factions in Pokemon GO. Perhaps those trainers aren't likely to ever become immortalized as a plastic and scannable toy, given their exclusivity to mobile devices. Still, with the Nintendo Switch well on its way for a March release, and a semi-port of Pokemon Sun and Moon said to be arriving on Switch hardware shortly after, it's still possible that amiibo will be released to coincide with the rumored game's debut.

For now though, fans will have to make due with the current Pocket Monster amiibo that have been released for Super Smash Bros. – and maybe even the lesser known Pokemon Rumble U NFC figures.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are currently available, exclusively on Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS.

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