Although they can sometimes be way too hard to track down, lots of Nintendo fans still go crazy over the company’s amiibo figures. Despite having little use in most games, the collectibles are still highly sought after items and super fans can’t seem to get enough of them. In fact, some fans even go so far as to customize existing figures to create brand new, one of a kind amiibo, like this Kingdom Hearts variation of the Cloud figure.

Reddit user TrevNick has a hobby of customizing Nintendo amiibo figures and his latest product is one that fans of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy will definitely appreciate. The star of Final Fantasy 7, Cloud, received an official amiibo thanks to his presence on the Super Smash Bros. roster, but that is obviously just one game that the character is known for. In addition to Smash and FF7, Cloud is also well known in the world of Kingdom Hearts fandom. TrevNick’s latest creation draws inspiration from that particular appearance of Cloud.

The creator posted a series of work-in-progress photos on his instagram, in addition to sharing the final product on Reddit. The craftsman definitely managed to capture Cloud’s iconic Kingdom Hearts aesthetic, right down to the tattered scarf blowing in the wind.

Although we can’t actually purchase the custom amiibo, we definitely appreciate the chance to admire it. The Nintendo amiibo craze seems to be here to stay, so perhaps some time down the road an official Kingdom Hearts Cloud variant will actually be released. Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t officially coming to the Nintendo Switch, but who knows what might happen in the upcoming year… Don’t hold your breath, though.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is aiming for a 2018 release window for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Instagram