Cool Custom & Production Error Nintendo Amiibo Figures

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The Amiibo hype is real. Nintendo’s new toys-to-life category that launched last week alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is off to a stellar start, with plenty of gamers commenting on the scarcity of certain Amiibos on NeoGaf and other online forums.

But what’s really getting some Nintendo fans talking are the Amiibos that, whether on purpose or by accident, have been modified to look a little different than what the Big N intended.

Some Amiibo fanatics have gone to great length to customize their figures in order to give them a unique look. Behold the following creations by “ChibiSilverWings”

Dark Link

Dark Link Amiibo

Villager with Blood Stained Shovel

Amiibo Villager Murder

NeoGaf has a long thread with more pictures.

One Nintendo fan who altered his Samus to look like she was wearing the famous light suit from the Metroid franchise commented that it took him 10 hours to complete the customization. Now that’s dedication.

It’s pretty clear that Nintendo has a hit on its hands. Other NFC toys like Skylanders and Disney Infinity may have arrived to market first, but the passion that some Nintendo fans seem to have for their favorite characters suggests Amiibo could allow Nintendo to catch up fairly quickly this holiday season, provided they can keep making them fast enough.

And it’s not just fan-made customizations that are getting headlines in Amiibo-world this week either. One potentially very lucky Best Buy shopper picked up a Samus Amiibo that looks… a little different.

samus amiibo error

The buyer, Adam Truesdale, originally posted this pic to Reddit and then confirmed to Gamespot that he purchased the Samus on the right in the above pic that is outfitted with a second blaster.

Truesdale said he almost opened it up and started playing with it until a friend pointed out the problem. Truesdale told Gamespot he is keeping the Amiibo sealed for now, and that’s likely a good financial decision.

Other NFC toys like Skylanders have a history of skyrocketing in value if something unique or different is found on a model that makes a specific toy more rare than other ones on the market. Unique gold and silver colored Skylanders or ones that were only given away at trade shows like E3 have gone on eBay for thousands of dollars.

It’s not clear just how special this Samus model is just yet, but there’s an excellent chance that an Amiibo with a unique production error like this could potentially be worth a lot of money in the collector’s market.

Have you customized your Amiibo or found another odd production error at a store near you? Let us know in the comments.

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