Curiosity Whats in the cube Release Date

Eccentric. Mysterious. Vague. Noble. Headscratching. Many labels have been placed upon Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube, the debut mobile game from former Lionhead chief Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22Cans. No one, however, has been able to peg it with a release date. Originally planned for a Summer launch, Curiosity’s complexity – and downright strangeness – slowed the Apple certification process to snail’s pace. Some speculated that it would never release at all, the only real curiosity being what all the fuss was ever about.

Those concerns have now been extinguished. In a statement on its Facebook page, 22Cans has announced Curiosity’s definite release date as Wednesday, November 7th at 12:20 A.M. Pacific Time. The game will release on both iOS and Android platforms – the latter having been completed and tested as well.

Curiosity Whats in the cube

With virtually no gameplay information to run on, we can only say one thing about¬†Curiosity: it lives up to its name. Molyneux has only volunteered the premise – a secret prize is locked within a big (at least it looks big) black cube – and says that players, with the optional aid of microtransactions, will continuously batter away at the cube with weapons like chisels and bombs. The sole player who casts the final blow wins whatever… thing happens to be awaiting on the inside.

“…you will be able to take part in what, for us, is a unique global experiment. Joining hopefully thousands of people on the journey to the centre of the cube is going to be a fascinating experiment that we will share with the world. Remember you could be the single person to find out what TRULY amazing thing lies in the centre.”

Similar to its mercurial launch status, Curiosity itself has evolved since being announced this June. Originally without its subtitle, “What’s Inside the Cube,” Molyneux added the straightforward phrase to avoid confusion with NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. Additionally, 22Cans had intended to offer a diamond chisel for $77,450 that would essentially guarantee its owner of breaking open the cube. However, talk of such an endgame device has since disappeared, and DLC is not only optional but also variably priced within lower, though still unconfirmed dollar ranges. (Social engineering, it seems, works better when the test group extends beyond the super-rich.)

As anyone familiar with the hyping of Fable knows, Curiosity is classic Peter Molyneux: a grandiose promise of life-altering, games-industry sweeping change that in the end might turn out to be pretty cool (reigning over a kingdom), or ephemerally uneventful (a dog that barks at treasure… well, sort of).

Will discovering “What’s Inside the Cube” be worth the price – or the time? What could Curiosity’s costly DLC show us about human psychology and its role within video-game marketing?

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Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube¬†releases on November 7th for Android and iOS devices.

Source: 22Cans Facebook