E3 2015: 'Cuphead' Trailer Shows Retro Cartoon Action

Cuphead Trailer E3 2015


The indie game known as Cuphead was initially revealed during E3 last year, and despite receiving good feedback from gamers, developer StudioMDHR has kept completely quiet on any further developments until now. During today's Microsoft E3 2015 Press Conference, gamers finally got another look at Cuphead, which now has a release window set for 2016 on both Xbox One and PC.

The new one-minute trailer showed plenty of new gameplay scenes and enemies, all of which showed off a highly-stylized "Steamboat Willie" look, bobbing along to an unheard rhythm in the middle of gameplay. Helped along by 1930's period music and silent film title slides, the entire game looks surprising gorgeous in 1080P, and we're excited to see more of what it can offer. Hopefully, we won't have to wait another year before we see the next preview!

The game quickly garnered interest after 2014's first look because of its unique retro cartoon graphics, which immediately helped the game stand out amongst a crowded indie development scene. The studio had originally planned for a 2015 release, but announced today that they had pushed the release window back to 2016 in order to polish the game. The studio apologized to fans, but promised the extra year would make Cuphead a completely different experience in the long run.

Cuphead Gameplay

The new trailer gives fans a second look at Cuphead's co-op companion, Mughead. If you're wondering how to differentiate between a cup and mug, the answer is that you can't - both characters look completely identical, aside of that one has a bent straw and is red, whilst the other has a straight straw and is blue. The characters are able to shoot a variety of beams and balls at enemies, and as shown in the trailer, they'll by able to commandeer planes at some point throughout the game.

Cuphead will feature a variety of large and nefarious-looking anthropomorphic opponents, ranging from angry carrots and slot machines to dragons and eye-spewing ghosts. The game screams of Metal Slug style gameplay, and the retro-feel is sure to pull in interest from curious fans. So far, the plot seems to be that Cuphead gambled against the Devil and lost, and is now being forced into a zany adventure with plenty of foes. Thankfully, Mughead is there with him, doing whatever it is mugs do.

The game certainly looks like it could be surprise hit, much like Castle Crashers was on the Xbox Live Arcade several years ago. We'll keep you posted as more Cuphead news drips out from StudioMDHR.

Cuphead is scheduled for a 2016 release for both Xbox One and PC.

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