Ever since Cuphead debuted with its launch last week, a plethora of fans of Studio MDHR’s run and gun indie shooter have been singing its praises, all while being put to the test with the colorful, 1930s-era cartoon-styled title challenging players with its demanding gameplay. With so many people playing the title, it makes sense that the game has now hit a sales milestone, as it has sold more than 300,000 copies on Steam since it was officially released.

According to Steam Spy, which is a website dedicated to estimating the number of sales of software titles offered through Valve’s digital distribution service, Cuphead has currently sold 328,494 copies so far on the platform. Plus, considering the fact that the figures don’t take into account the console sales for the run and gun game, it’s obvious that the title is off to a roaring start, with loads of Xbox One and PC fans dedicating their time and money to the release.

With Cuphead just being offered as a digital-only release at the moment, the title’s sales feat is definitely a testament to the power of allowing fans to simply download their games, as it’s slowly becoming the preferred method over buying physical copies. After all, a 2013 report showed that 92% of PC games sales are digital downloads, with the distribution model becoming more and more prominent on consoles as well.

Of course, while it looks as if obtaining releases digitally will eventually become the primary way in which fans will buy their games, it’s safe to say that there will always be a market for unique physical products. For instance, Studio MDHR has teased that it will be putting out a Cuphead Collector’s Edition as a physical release, which will undoubtedly sell like hot cakes once it becomes available.

Cuphead is out now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Steam Spy