Cuphead Release Date Delayed Yet Again

Cuphead Delayed Yet Again - Cuphead birdhouse boss fight

Developers Studio MDHR release an official statement that explains the latest delay for the highly anticipated indie platformer Cuphead on PC and Xbox One.

Every year since 2014, the indie darling game Cuphead has had a presence at Microsoft's E3 press conferences. The game, which infuses classic platforming gameplay with 1930s-style cartoon visuals, seems to be a project that Microsoft has confidence in. Unfortunately, PC and Xbox platforming fans are going to have to wait even longer to see what Microsoft is so excited about, as Cuphead has been delayed yet again, this time to 2017.

The latest delay for Cuphead was explained in a post by Studio MDHR, the team behind the game. The studio discussed the possibility of limiting the scope of Cuphead in order to ensure a 2016 release date for the game, but ultimately decided to delay it so the team didn't have to compromise their vision. In its statement, Studio MDHR revealed when fans can now expect to see the game, with Cuphead now aiming for a mid-2017 release on PC and Xbox One.

The reasoning for Cuphead's delay makes sense, even though it may disappoint some gamers. After all, Cuphead was originally meant to be just a series of boss fights, but it was announced earlier this year that the game's scope had expanded to include traditional platforming levels as well. It seems like Studio MDHR would have had to rush development on these levels to get the game out in time, hence the delay.

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It's also possible that the developers have thought up even more content to add to Cuphead and don't want to ship the game without it. However, Cuphead already seems like it would be a complete experience without any additional features, so it's hard to speculate on what Studio MDHR could possibly be adding to the game. With co-op support and extravagant boss battles already a part of the experience, it seems like the only thing the game doesn't have is a competitive multiplayer component of some kind, so maybe Studio MDHR is adding that to Cuphead.

Whatever is being added to Cuphead with its recent delay, the game is looking good. Based on the most recent gameplay footage released by Studio MDHR, Cuphead's unique visual style looks like it pairs well with the fast-paced platforming gameplay, and assuming the studio is able to launch the game without too many bugs or other issues, it's safe to say it could be a hit come 2017.

Fans may have to wait longer than expected to get their hands on Cuphead, but hopefully this latest delay allows the developers to make it the best game it can possibly be. Having said that, if it is delayed too much, then some fans may lose interest in it altogether. Studio MDHR may want to be a little more transparent with its development process moving so those that have been following the game's progress since its original announcement in 2014 can have a better idea of when they can truly expect the game.

Cuphead will be available at some point in 2017 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Studio MDHR

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