As if it needed to be said, the run and gun indie shooter known as Cuphead has been a hot commodity ever since its release, with many a positive review praising the title for its carefully constructed balance of beautifully hand-drawn visuals and challenging gameplay. With this being the case, some have been wondering when or if the developers at Studio MDHR plan on putting out a physical release for the game. Interestingly enough, the company has already teased that tangible copies of the title are on the horizon.

As seen in the tweet below between Studio MDHR and a fan on Twitter, Cuphead fans looking forward to a physical release of the title should rejoice, as the developer hinted at future plans to “eventually” put out a palpable product in the form of a Collector’s Edition sometime down the line. As a matter of fact, the studio hinted as much several days ahead of Cuphead‘s launch, which prompted many to lament the fact that no such physical version existed on day one.

Despite its digital-only release as an indie title at this point in time, Cuphead has already managed to swim its way into the mainstream thanks to its jaunty soundtrack, old-school run and gun gameplay, and of course, its jubilantly colorful artwork. As it so happens, the pop culture memorabilia manufacturer Funko announced figures based on the characters from the title will be coming soon, as the toy company plans to release the collectibles in November of this year.

Taking all of this into account, while it’s disappointing for those who enjoy tangible media to not have a way to buy Cuphead outside of a digital download at the moment, at least Studio MDHR has plans for a physical release in the cards. And hopefully the game’s Collector’s Edition will come with enough unique statues, artwork, or trinkets for fans who already own the title – and those who don’t – to justify the purchase.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: StudioMDHR – Twitter