Yesterday, the Xbox One and PC exclusive Cuphead launched for fans who had been anxiously awaiting the title’s release since its official announcement during E3 2014, and the publisher Microsoft and developer Studio MDHR are understandably keen to celebrate. Now, as one part of their commemoration of the vibrant run and gun shooter game’s availability, the companies have decided to officially release the title’s launch trailer.

As seen below in the Cuphead launch trailer, fans are immediately thrust into the title’s colorful in-game world, with all of its visuals inspired by traditional hand-drawn cartoons of the late 1930s era, as players are able to control the titular character Cuphead, or his friend Mugman in either single-player or local co-op play. Both will have to travel through strange platforming worlds, obtain new weapons, and discover hidden secrets in their quest to repay a debt to the devil.

Beyond the visuals and plot, Cuphead boasts a jubilant and jaunty soundtrack, which helps to elevate the throwback art style to even higher levels. Not to mention, the game’s graphics and music aren’t the only vintage aspects of the game, as its levels and stages focus heavily on difficult boss battles, which is almost assuredly a nod to a gaming era of yore that had a countless amount of nigh-impossible to beat platforming titles.

All things considered, there’s no doubt that plenty of gamers are diving into Cuphead as we speak in a bid to check off every single accomplishment on the title’s achievement list. Perhaps along the way – after getting defeated by one of Cuphead‘s punishing bosses for the umpteenth time – they will also find out how to unlock the title’s secret game mode and discover even more fun within its spirited and energetic world.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Xbox – YouTube