Since its launch, Cuphead has earned a reputation of being an ultra difficult platformer, with some even comparing it to the Dark Souls franchise. Considering this, gamers will need every edge they can get in order to beat all of its stages and bosses. Luckily, there are ways to make the game easier, like making a control scheme change, as well as purchasing new attacks and buffs.

To buy items in Cuphead, players have to visit the store, which is located in easy to find locations on each world map. The store, run by the eyepatch-wearing pig Pork Rind, sells different items in exchange for gold coins. However, obtaining the necessary coins is no easy task.

In Cuphead, there are two main ways players can earn gold coins. The first way is by completing the Run and Gun levels, which play out like traditional platforming stages. The second way is by finding coins that are hidden throughout the world map. Sometimes these coins can be found behind objects, and other times they can be earned by completing objectives for NPCs.

Here are all the hidden gold coins in Cuphead and how to obtain them.

World 1

Cuphead: Where to Find All the Hidden Coins - World 1 apple man

Players will earn their first coin by completing the tutorial. Afterwards, some more free coins can be obtained by chatting with the apple man sitting on the bridge in World 1. After speaking with him, there’s only one more coin to collect in World 1’s map, but getting it is easier said than done. If players hope to find this hidden coin, they first have to beat all the bosses in World 1.

Once all the bosses have been defeated, talk to the razor blade person that is located southwest of the Floral Fury level. Players can see a coin hidden in the trees just to the left of him. Push Cuphead into the trees and press “A” to collect the coin.

World 2

Cuphead Platform Level

There are three hidden coins to collect in World 2. The first can be found behind the green cart south of the Die House. For the next one, players need to find World 2’s shortcut. To do this, walk behind the Wally Warbles level (it looks like a birdhouse), and then go to the east to move behind the mountains. After coming out on the other side, talk to the girl standing next to the Funfair Fever Run and Gun stage, and she will reward you for finding the shortcut.

For the final hidden coin in World 2, talk to the juggler located just south of Fiery Frolic. He challenges Cuphead to parry four times before he will give up his coin, so go into any level in the game and parry four times. Upon accomplishing this, the juggler will give up a coin.

World 3 and Finale

Cuphead: Where to Find All the Hidden Coins - World 3 shop

Unfortunately for those needing more coins, there is only one coin hidden in World 3. To get it, search behind the shop located in the patch of grass north of Pork Rind’s emporium.

Cuphead‘s final hidden coin is found outside of the casino in the Finale world. Simply walk behind the north wall of dice to find it.

Cuphead Review

By collecting these hidden coins, players should have an easier time getting through all of Cuphead‘s stages. Of course, they will also need to collect the coins in the Run and Gun stages, but even with all the coins, the game will still prove to be quite challenging. However, with enough practice, Cuphead players may one day be skilled enough to beat it without taking damage or tackle the game’s speed run record.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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