Cuphead Releases 6 Minutes of Gameplay


The independent video game developers at StudioMDHR release 6 minutes of fresh gameplay footage for the forthcoming platforming title known as Cuphead.

With indie developers like Gun Media using this weekend's PAX West 2016 to show off its latest Friday the 13th: The Game trailer to plenty of positive reception, it seems as if the event hosted by Penny Arcade this year is heavily driven toward smaller studios' projects. With that in mind, StudioMDHR has decided to utilize the expo to its advantage by releasing 6 minutes of gameplay of the run-and-gun shooting platformer Cuphead.

The in-game footage for Cuphead expands upon previously revealed aspects of the title, offering additional looks at even more of its 1930s "rubber hose" animation style made popular by Max Fleischer's Fleischer Studios, while also showing off how players will battle against enemies and bosses throughout multiple levels. Perhaps most interestingly, though, is the fact that StudioMDHR has used the video to detail the stages' fluidity and what the co-op gameplay is like.

As seen in the Cuphead clip below courtesy of the fine folks at Polygon, not only is fast-paced combat a feature, but also there are some looks at the types of power-ups and items players will be able to obtain and use in the game's more difficult areas. Although most of the bad guys and gameplay have been revealed in previous trailers and pieces of footage, this latest video from StudioMDHR makes good use of its time to detail how all of the title's components work in tandem with one another.


For those unaware, Cuphead made its debut to the world more than two years ago, and fans have been eagerly anticipating more glimpses at the title beyond its second major showing to the public at E3 2015 during Microsoft's showcase. Since then, StudioMDHR's platforming release has continually been featured in numerous press junkets for the Washington-based tech firm, with it recently appearing at E3 2016 during an indie game montage trailer for the company.

Taking into account all of the assets that have been released for Cuphead thus far, it makes sense as to why many gamers have dubbed it to be one of the best indie games at E3 2016, if not potentially one of the best independent releases of this year. Of course, since the title hasn't been released in full, it's best for people to reserve complete and total judgment on whether or not the actual gameplay experience from Cuphead can live up to the hype it has been generating for the past couple of years.

Are you excited about Cuphead's impending launch? If so, what particular facets of the title have impressed you the most thus far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Cuphead is currently without an official release date, but it is expected to drop sometime later this year for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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