Cuphead Rolls In With New DLC Trailer

Cuphead E3 2018 DLC Trailer

When Studio MDHR released Cuphead after years of fine-tuning and fan hype, few could have predicted the overwhelmingly positive reaction that would follow. After several awards and mass amounts of critical acclaim, Microsoft took to the stage at the company's E3 2018 conference to make a fairly expected announcement: Cuphead will be getting downloadable content.

The new adventure will don the moniker 'The Delicious Last Course', and will take players through a brand new island fills with new bosses to defeat. To accompany the announcement, Studio MDHR brewed up a trailer which shows off Cuphead, Mugman, and a brand new playable character named Ms. Chalice, who actually appeared in the full game via the ghost-based mausoleum mini-games.

Interested gamers can check out the Cuphead DLC trailer below:

Cuphead is for its thoughtful stage-based and frighteningly challenging boss battles, so The Delicious Last Course will have big shoes to fill when it comes to fan expectation. The new DLC promises to introduce multi-faceted bosses, new weapons, and new charms for all the characters, with Ms. Chalice bringing her own repertoire of attacks to the stage. Yet another new character, Chef Saltbaker, will reportedly be a friendly figure to Cuphead and his pals. It's unclear, though, if the new Cuphead content will feature any platforming levels, one of the few pieces from the original game which felt a bit out of place.

The video description indicates that this will be the only post-launch Cuphead content, implicitly stating that The Delicious Last Course - a name which certainly implies finality - will be Cuphead's final challenging quest. With the full game itself gaining plenty of notoriety for its unforgiving difficulty, fans of Cuphead will certainly be in for a challenge as they close out this chapter of Studio MDHR's inaugural outing. It's unclear what Studio MDHR will do after the Cuphead saga comes to a close, but with the DLC slated to release next year, there's still plenty of time before that question becomes more pertinent.

The new Cuphead downloadable content, The Delicious Last Course, is slated for a 2019 release on PC and Xbox One.

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