Cuphead has earned a reputation of being an ultra-challenging game on the level of the Dark Souls franchise. While some gamers struggle to beat all of the game’s bosses using a standard controller, others, like Twitch streamer and speedrun expert PeekingBoo, see its reputation as a challenge. That’s why PeekingBoo decided to beat Cuphead in one hour and 24 minutes…and he did it with a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad.

PeekingBoo, who is known for doing similar speedruns, managed to complete the game in near-record time, despite the fact he used a DDR pad instead of a standard controller. As anyone that has survived Cuphead‘s onslaught of deadly bosses and brutal Run and Gun stages can attest, PeekingBoo’s feat is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

PeekingBoo’s dance pad run through Cuphead is near flawless, with him taking little to no damage against most of the bosses he went up against. Out of all his accomplishments during the speedrun, perhaps the most impressive is when he managed to defeat King Dice, arguably the most difficult boss in the entire game, without dying a single time.

If PeekingBoo played through the game again without using the DDR pad, he would presumably be able to do so much faster. One has to wonder if he would come close to the best speedrun times out there, like the one held by Twitch streamer Frayzio, who managed to beat the game in a blistering 46 minutes (a world record at the time).

Besides just trying to beat the game faster, though, PeekingBoo and other Cuphead enthusiasts will likely come up with new challenges to ratchet up the difficulty even further. It’s likely that some people will attempt to play through the game with other odd controllers, like Rock Band guitars or Donkey Konga drums, as we’ve seen some do in the past with the Dark Souls games. Cuphead gamers may also impose restrictions on themselves for added challenge, like YouTuber Aerolth, who beat the game without dodging, using charms, or taking damage.

As the Cuphead community continues to dream up clever ways to play the game, it should bring even more attention to Studio MDHR’s impressive freshman effort. If this translates into more sales for the critically-acclaimed platformer, perhaps a sequel will be in order.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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