Cuphead Meets Bloodborne in Crossover Image

Cuphead may be less than a week old, but the game has already gathered a large following due to its gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and the sheer intensity of its boss battles. It's no surprise that artistic fans feel inspired by its throwback 1930's-era visuals, and one such fan has now created the crossover nobody knew they need until now. Those who enjoy challenging games will surely recall Bloodborne, another title known for its extreme difficulty. Combined with Cuphead, it makes for quite the combination.

The crossover image is simply titled BloodCup, and was created by user Toaru_M on Pixiv. Their post history shows plenty of Bloodborne images, but this was the first one featuring Cuphead's unique art style - something they certainly did a good job on. For the unaware, Cuphead is fighting Vicar Amelia in the image, a high-ranking member of the church who transforms into the terrible beast pictured. On the scale of possible crossovers, a transforming beast is a pretty good choice to fit in with the Cuphead canon.

Cuphead Bloodborne Crossover

The fact that Cuphead himself is filled to the brim with blood is a nice detail, though he may spill some of it in a fight against Vicar Amelia. By Cuphead logic, this would likely be at least the second phase of the fight, as the opening bout would still have the church member in more humanoid form. As is the custom of Cuphead bosses, however, it's not a real fight if they don't transform into something much worse.

We found Cuphead to be a challenging title filled to the brim with character and malicious bosses, delivering a memorable experience from the first world to the last. Despite the difficulty, gamers have already progressed through the game without taking damage, while others have completed speedruns of Cuphead in less than an hour. For every challenge there are many takers, and just like Bloodborne, all difficult games eventually bow to the prowess of their fans.

While the ending of Cuphead did leave things open for another adventure with Cuphead and his brother Mugman, we doubt the two will ever trek to Yharnam if the stylized graphics are going to stay E for Everyone.

Cuphead is available now on PC and Xbox One.

Source: Pixiv

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