Following the release of the video game developer Studio MDHR’s run and gun title Cuphead last week, many fans of the title have gone on to discover its difficulty, with many undoubtedly still struggling to unlock all of the feats on its achievements list. That said, though, one player has already managed to display their mastery of the game, as they have gone on to beat all of its bosses without dodging, using any charms, or taking any damage.

As seen below in the YouTuber Aeraloth’s video of their run through Cuphead, not only did all 28 bosses get defeated without dodges and charms being implemented, or damage being taken, but also the player managed to beat each of the them with an A+ Rank. Considering that the game just came out last Friday, it’s quite likely that Aeraloth spent the majority of the weekend working their way up to such an accomplishment.

While Aeraloth’s defeat of each of Cuphead‘s bosses without dodges, charms, and damage taken is impressive to say the least, it should come as no surprise that there are already a plethora of other gamers who are completing their own sets of triumphs with the game. For instance, the Twitch streamer known as Frayzlo recently finished an incredible Ultra Hard run of the game in about 46 minutes.

Bearing all of this in mind, with some Cuphead fans already blazing through the title and pushing the boundaries of how fast and efficiently the game can be beaten, it’s a safe bet to make that future speed runs and self-imposed limitation runs are going to get even better as time progresses. And if a potential online multiplayer DLC component is added, it will be interesting to see how quickly and skillfully some players can tackle the title while being teamed up in the vintage cartoon-styled game.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Aeraloth – YouTube