Cube World Final Release Date Confirmed, 6 Years Later

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It took six years to get here, but Cube World finally has an official release date. Today Cube World creator Wolfram van Funck pushed live his open-world exploration RPG's release date trailer. The trailer confirms that Cube World is launching on September 30, just over a week from now. After years wondering if Cube World would ever be completed, if it would ever grow beyond its initial alpha state, to have a release date is a welcome sight.

The release date trailer for Cube World is a perfect introduction to the ideas and structures that make up the game. It starts not unlike Minecraft, to which it bears a blocky resemblance. The player is standing in a vast new procedurally generated world, adventure in every direction. The player finds a friend, and together they start their journey. The Cube World trailer shows the two of them exploring, finding new loot, taking on strong enemies, and uncovering mysteries.

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What's perhaps most exciting about Cube World's release date announcement is just the fact that it exists. Cube World is a long-in-development indie game that was impressing players as far back as six years ago. However, an early launch beset with technical issues turned into a nightmare for the game's creators. Negativity grew around the project, even going so far as to turn into online harassment by a vocal minority. That despite the early release of Cube World being a delightful game.

Funck, also known as Wollay, went largely silent after the early release. They would occasionally post small updates about the game on social media, but otherwise weren't responsive. When Wollay reappeared earlier in September to announce Cube World was almost finished, they also revealed that the early release of the game put them into a deep depression. Finishing Cube World clearly means much more to Wollay than it does to everyone else. There's a lot of emotion invested in this project.

Wollay revealed that Cube World was nearing completion in early September, announcing at the time that they expected to launch as late as October. Since then, Wollay's given updates on several final development details. They show the game's impressive map system and "Travel History" feature that lets players revisit past questing areas. They showed off Cube World's dungeons. And most importantly Wollay showed that players can pet all friendly animals in Cube World. It was the last feature that Wollay revealed before confirming the game's release date. After 6 years, Cube World is complete.

Cube World releases September 30 on PC.

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