Crytek Announces Free to Play Title 'Warface'

Warface Free to play MMO

Crytek Studios is aiming to take the online world by storm with a brand new, free-to-play FPS entitled Warface, which is already labelled as "soon to be released." The creators of games like Far Cry and Crysis certainly represent a formidable studio to punch out a game like this.

Supposedly set in the near future, Warface is powered by the fantastic CryEngine 3 system, though Crytek has stated that it's designed to run on low-end computers as well, with minimum specs of a 2Ghz processor and a single gigabyte of RAM - granted, you'll probably see a lot less dazzle in your graphics with that, but you can still play with a buddy who's running his $6,000 custom built Alienware.

The game tries to differentiate itself from other online shooters by adding unique co-op elements to gameplay, with the primary mode being PVE (Players Versus Environment). Each day, Crytek promises to upload new missions for gamers to complete using a random mission generator. By encouraging teamwork through special scenarios - like the ability to boost a squadmate over a wall and bring them into tactical positions that will allow you to proceed.

Though deathmatch has been the only PVP mode seen so far, multiple modes have been announced for the title. Points earned from each mode for achievements like kills, headshots and accuracy will go towards upgrading your character, giving you advantages on the battlefield. The aforementioned daily missions from Crytek will also feature dedicated leaderboards, where you can earn even more credits for weapons and armor, which are fully customizable. The leaderboards reset on a daily basis, so if you absolutely tanked a mission one day, you can always prove yourself the next day.

It's interesting to see Crytek Studios take a the free-to-play shooter experience and bring it to a PVE instead of the PVP we're all used to. With Warface coming out soon, time will tell if this is a welcome breath of fresh air, or just a flash in the pan.

If you're interested in signing up for combat in Warface, you can head over to the official site and register a username before the game is even out!

What do you think about the Warface concept? Will you be downloading it when it gets released?

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Source: IGN

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