Following a new game announcement tease for the Oculus Rift yesterday, Crytek comes forward and reveals their virtual reality rock climbing game, The Climb.

Oculus is building up to an eventual announcement regarding the Oculus Rift VR headset’s price and release date, albeit slowly. Yesterday the hardware producer teased the announcement of a big new “big” Oculus Rift exclusive title to be made today, and it looks like developer Crytek is the one behind it. Today Crytek announced their upcoming game The Climb, a VR free solo rock climbing game.

The Climb will allow Oculus Rift owners to experience rock climbing in beautiful locations, the first of which has been revealed to be inspired by Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Other locations which will be included with the game will be revealed at later date. Players will use either the bundled Xbox One controller or Oculus’ Touch controllers to move their hands along rock faces, all while they look for their next handhold with their VR headset. Just don’t look down.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli provided this introduction to The Climb:

“Gaming has always given us the opportunity to place ourselves in otherwise impossible scenarios, and VR technology such as the Rift makes us feel present in those scenarios like never before. The Climb invites players to experience the intensity of one of the world’s most dangerous sports, and they’ll truly feel the thrill of being thousands of meters above the ground with nothing but their skill and a few precarious handholds to rely on.”

Crytek mentions that The Climb is designed to be a game for all audiences, though they also note that veteran and more hardcore players will find something to look forward to as well.

Browsing through The Climb‘s FAQ on the official website offers a few more interesting details about the game. For instance, the game won’t be featuring any sort of microtransactions. Thanks goodness! All of those new locations will apparently be bundled with the launch game and not sold in sections. Crytek also mentions other details, such as the The Climb featuring multiple difficulty settings and a training mode. A “chalk” mechanic will also be in use, which perhaps implies a sweatiness and slipperiness mechanic as well.

Sadly, the one particularly notable detail Crytek did not include in their FAQ is a release date. At this time it seems like Crytek is not targeting launching in tandem with the Oculus Rift headset, though that’s never specifically mentioned. It makes a lot of sense, though, when considering how The Climb likely heavily benefits from the Oculus Touch controllers. Those controllers have already been confirmed to launch after the Oculus Rift headset, something Crytek is likely keeping in mind as well.

The Climb is the type of game that’s likely to excel in this first major year of PC VR headsets. It combines a simple concept – rock climbing – with clever and intuitive gameplay, beautiful visuals and a promised depth for dedicated players. It smartly hides or does away with the areas where VR has difficulty: full 3D movement, complex controls, lots of loading, 360 degree head movement and so on. Mostly though, it just provides an awesome experience that people may never have in real life.

The Climb is planned as a PC exclusive for the Oculus Rift VR headset, and its release date is TBD.

Source: The Climb