Crytek Thinks 'Homefront 2' Will Make A Significant Impact

Crytek Homefront 2 Splash

When it was first unveiled, Homefront sounded like quite the compelling game - though the final product left a lot to be desired. Now that development of Homefront 2 is well underway, developer Crytek believes they will make quite a splash when the game launches.

After Kaos Studios was shuttered last year, THQ handed over development duties of Homefront 2 to Crytek, best known for the Crysis series. Crytek's game has always had an air of quality and visual flair to them, making many hope that the Homefront sequel would be quite stronger than its predecessor.

Homefront didn't do too well critically, but commercially it was a success. Crytek 's co-founder Anvi Yerli believes they will be able to make a stronger impact this time around, perhaps meeting THQ's lofty aspirations of competing with Call of Duty?

"It has a huge mind share, everybody knows the IP. The first game has indeed a low Metacritic, but due to really great positioning and great marketing it has reached a good mind share. And I think with Crytek quality attached to it and similar marketing attached to it, it can make a big splash at the time it comes out."

Homefront may not have been one of this console generation's most beloved IPs, but some gamers probably fear that the switch in development teams could mean the original vision would be lost. However, coming from Crytek's Nick Button-Brown, it sounds like the team at Crytek have access to what Kaos planned for the sequel, meaning not everything will be lost in the transition.

"When you look at the world they created in the first game and the world that they were talking about for the second game, the setting they were talking about… obviously we can’t talk about it yet, but it’s really cool."

Details on Homefront 2 are scarce at this point. The game is still a good year or two off, so chances are it's still going to be a while until we see it action. That being said, with Crytek at the helm, it's safe to say the game will look beautiful. Let's just hope they learn from Kaos' mistakes and craft a better (and more fleshed out) story for the sequel.

Homefront 2 is currently in development, presumambly for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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Source: GameIndustry International

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