Designers of CryENGINE, Crytek Studios is very satisfied with the capabilities of the Wii U, after having time spent with the dev kit. Crytek founder, Avnet Yerli, talked about the wonders of the technology and that his studio is having a lot of fun seeing what the new technology is capable of.

While the technology upgrade from the original Wii is already enough of a big deal for the company, the Wii U is not without issue already. Potential problems regarding the controller’s inability to function properly have been floating around, but when it comes to the actual hardware, Crytek is impressed.

Receiving praise from a company who’s very invested in making games look as great as they do puts a big checkmark under Pros for the Wii U. Yerli’s comments made to GamesIndustry are brief, but are more than adequate to help Nintendo’s image out:

“The specs are very good…It’s a challenge for designers, but once thought through it can add value, and that’s what ultimately important. Our guys in Nottingham they are very happy with their tests on the dev kits and they’re excited about it.”

It’s more than likely Crytek has been using CryENGINE 3, which was specifically made to run on consoles, as a testing platform to see what can work and can’t work on the Wii U. Does this mean the next Crysis game will be featured on the Wii U? That remains to be seen, but Yerli makes it seem like a strong possibility.

The Wii U has been a fountain of some minor controversy among the gaming public. For a company as large and influential as Nintendo, it seems the company is falling into the habit of arriving a few steps behind the competition. Of course, the internal opinion at Nintendo might beg to differ, as seen when senior producer Katsuya Eguchi spoke on the Wii U’s potential. Potential is one thing, the final product is what matters. Especially in the video game industry.

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Source: Games Industry (via VG 24/7)