From the moment that word came through that Nintendo was developing their next console, now revealed to the public at E3 2011, most gamers turned their heads to Microsoft and Sony looking for their next-gen unveiling. While both have been relatively coy about future console development, it looks like a notable developer may have blown the lid on Microsoft’s next platform.

Crytek Studios, developer of titles like Far Cry and Crysis, has revealed that they are working on Timesplitters 4, the long anticipated entry in the FPS franchise, and are planning to release it on the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft‘s next console will be called.

The news comes to us from, who say that their trusted source at Crytek revealed that not only is Timesplitters 4 in development for the next Xbox, but that it will be reaping many of the marquee features of Direct X11.

Furthermore, the company revealed that Microsoft’s unveiling of their next console should take place within the next 12 months, leading us to believe that next year’s E3 would be the perfect venue.

After the Wii U came out to equal parts enthusiasm and skepticism, it stands to reason that both Sony and Microsoft should take advantage of this opportunity and show each of their new consoles. Despite claims that their motion controllers — Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move — are the future for the platform, Nintendo has opened up the potential for continued integration with past year’s tech only with subtle advancements, like the Wii U’s new touch screen controller.

Timesplitters 4 being in development is one thing, but it being touted as a Xbox 720 title is certainly another, and, as such, should be treated as a rumor. There are rumblings, and will continue to be rumblings, that Microsoft is working on their next console, but that is only a direct result of the competition Nintendo has just revealed. We won’t know more until Microsoft officially announces their next console or more official news leaks.

When do you think that Microsoft will unveil their next console? Would you be interested in picking up the console day one if Timesplitters 4 was a launch title?

Source: Video Gamer