Crytek Woking On New FPS

Among the most well-known PC game developers, Crytek Studios has become one of the most talked-about in the past few years. Known for constantly pushing the envelope in terms of graphical fidelity in their games, when news leaks that they’re working on a new title, gamers everywhere take notice.

Having captured the attention of the gaming industry with their gorgeous PC title Crysis, it wasn’t long before Crytek earned a reputation for their graphically intense games that gave even the most powerful machines a run for their money. More recently, they released its sequel Crysis 2, which, while vastly improving on the first game’s combat (see our review), did not represent the immense graphical jump that came with the release of the original game. Regardless, a new game seems to be in the works for Crytek.

According to the LinkedIn page of one of Crytek’s gameplay programmers, the studio is currently working on a brand new first-person shooter franchise. While many gamers were probably hoping that the game would see its release on next-generation consoles, it will instead be releasing for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. After recently stating that they plan to support Kinect, could this upcoming title mark the venerable PC developer’s first foray into motion gaming?

Ever since its release, Kinect has suffered due to a lack of games aimed at the hardcore demographic. As Crytek is one of the last companies that one would associate with casual gaming, could this title mark a turning point for the Kinect hardware in the eyes of hardcore gamers? While the upcoming Mass Effect 3 Kinect implementation could lead this shift, other games still need to begin taking advantage of the technology if it is ever to be accepted as anything more than a casual peripheral.

Having recently shown off a new first-person hack and slash game at E3 called Ryse, there’s no denying that Crytek has a busy couple years ahead of them. With strong FPS releases on the horizon like Battlefield 3, they will have to put everything they have into their upcoming projects if they hope to stand out in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Do you think that Crytek’s new FPS will be able to bring forth an even more impressive set of graphics? Is it possible that this title could make use of the Kinect hardware?

Source: CVG