It looks like PSN isn’t the only network with issues this week. While this issue on Steam doesn’t come anywhere close to what gamers are facing on PSN, it did cause many angry gamers to sound off on their forums. The issue all started when Crysis recently went on sale on popular publishing platform. Gamers, eager to experience this shooter at a discount, purchased the title only to realize their activation codes didn’t work. Uh oh.

The problem seemed to stem from a bad batch of codes supplied by EA for the downloadable version of Crysis. This type of situation seems very unlike Valve, and if it was their fault you’ll be sure they would’ve had a solution – or at least some answers – less than two days after the initial sale.

The problems didn’t stop there. Some who called EA’s customer support say they either got the run around or a representative that didn’t speak clear English. This lead many to sound off on the Steam forums which exploded to about 1300 posts of internet rage.

Valve’s Mike Blaszczak posted on the forums that they knew where the issue was stemming from, on the EA side of things and that they were working quickly to get them working over the weekend.

“We’ve been working with EA to get the Crysis keys enabled over the weekend… As EA enables keys, users should see the games activate.”

At the time of this post it looks like many who purchased Crysis have had their issues resolved and are now enjoying the game, although they . Though many are still irritated about the whole situation, as they should be. They purchased a product that didn’t work as intended, and as consumers utilized their right to complain.

This situation looks like it could’ve created less anger amongst the gamers if they customer service reps were better educated about the problem. Those reps should’ve then given better info to those affected. A simple “We are aware of the situation and are working on a solution,” would’ve been more than enough for this. Then again, this is the internet and preventing a full scale riot on a message board near impossible.

As companies reach larger audiences they also need to implement efficient ways of dealing with large scale issues. Let’s just be glad this happened with an older title and not Crysis 2.

Where you one of the people who received a bad code when you purchase Crysis on sale? How was your experience?

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Source: Destructoid