It’s been busy news week for Crysis fans – as leaked magazine photos turned into a full-fledged reveal of Crysis 3. While there are plenty of details that Crytek Studios intends to keep tightly guarded (cloak engaged), we do have a basic idea of what to expect: Prophet is back in New York City and must fight through another round of Ceph and C.E.L.L. army forces – this time under a massive Nanodome which, as is the case with all things Crysis, has been erected for a nefarious (albeit mysterious) purpose.

While a full reveal of the game in motion won’t be unveiled until Tuesday, April 24th; today, we are getting a CGI sneak peek at the return of Prophet, his new high-tech long bow, and the ravaged cityscape of what used to be The Big Apple.

It’s no surprise to say that the teaser trailer is full of absolutely gorgeous visuals – especially when viewed in glorious 1080p HD. As mentioned, the footage is not in-game – so it’s hard to know how far Crytek Studios has been able to push the boundaries of the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this time; though, according to the trailer we’ll only have to wait another four days to find-out.

Check out the Crysis 3 teaser trailer below:

The trailer itself doesn’t give a lot of information outright. We get a quick glimpse at the aforementioned Nanodome, as well as Prophet and his slick bow and arrow weaponry – which will, hopefully, include a variety of ammunition options (i.e. explosive, paralyzing, etc) but, with only nineteen seconds of CGI footage, we’ll have to wait another ninety-six hours to get a proper glimpse at the new game in action.

As previously reported, Crysis 3 features the return of “Prophet” who, based on the end of Crysis 2 coupled with the few story details we have for the next installment in EA’s highly-successful series, appears to now be an amalgamation of both the original Prophet (Laurence Barnes) as well as his successor Alcatraz – who took over the suit when Barnes sustained critical injuries in the opening act of Crysis 2. Whatever the case, Prophet is back, once again, ready to beat-back the alien Ceph threat – as well as take-down the C.E.L.L. (CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics) infrastructure which is trying to utilize alien tech in order to become a global superpower.

Check back here on Tuesday, April 24th for the full Crysis 3 gameplay reveal. In the meantime, make sure to have a look at new screenshots from the game in our Crysis 3 Hunter Edition pre-order write-up.

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Crysis 3 will arrive for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2013.