If you needed any more proof that Crysis 3 is going to be absolutely gorgeous, EA’s got it covered. The publisher has just released a handful of new screenshots and concept art to feast your eyes on, all emphasizing that the nanosuit-powered sequel looking prettier than ever.

This latest batch of in-game Crysis 3 screenshots feature beautiful foliage mixed within the harrowing city of New York. The city has been covered in a nanodome, allowing tropical plants to flourish in an otherwise urban environment. Protagonist Prophet and his trusty bow – the focal point of the marketing so far – also appear throughout.

Players will remember Prophet from his appearances in past Crysis games, though this time he’s the star of the show, having come to New York on a revenge mission.

Not all of the screenshots are “new,” with a few of the images having been released alongside the Crysis 3 reveal. Still, there’s plenty of new images to gawk at, so take a look for yourself!

Much like its predecessors, Crysis 3 will be a “sandbox” shooter, allowing players to experience the game the way they choose to. Crytek needs to be applauded for being able to give players a large amount of flexibility, while also pumping out such great visuals – it’s no easy feat; they weren’t kidding about pushing the PS3 and Xbox 360 to their limits. Too bad the game won’t be making it to the Wii U – it’d be interesting to see what they could do with the hardware, assuming it offers more power than the current-gen competition.

Crysis 3 should be a staple of E3 2012 and we hope Crytek has put as much work into crafting the story as they have the visuals. The original Crysis was very dull from a narrative standpoint and despite bringing in award-winning writer Richard Morgan to pen the sequel, it also failed to offer a memorable story.

If Crytek can give players an enjoyable story in addition to the beautiful visuals and flexible gameplay the series is known for, then Crysis 3 will definitely be a must-have for 2013, and who knows, maybe it’ll even help them cut down on Crysis 3 piracy. Make an amazing game and the sales should follow, well in most cases, anyway.

Crysis 3 releases in 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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