For the longest time, Crysis set the bar for graphics. Players often joked about the game’s maximum settings, which required some pretty impressive hardware to run. Even by today’s standards, the game looks gorgeous – and with Crysis 3, EA’s giving players the chance to see for themselves.

EA and Crytek announced today that pre-orders of Crysis 3 will come with a free copy of the original Crysis. The offer is good for pre-orders on any platform (meaning Xbox 360, PS3 and PC – currently, no Wii U version is planned) with Crysis given out through download codes. Given EA’s determination to market Origin, we wouldn’t be surprised if the downloadable PC version of Crysis is exclusive to the platform.

Players who pre-order will be upgraded to the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition, which gives them a head start in multiplayer as well as a few other goodies. In addition to starting multiplayer at level 5, Hunter Edition owners will have access to the Predator bow skin, the Hunter Nanosuit and three exclusive dog tags.

Crysis Free With Crysis 3 Pre Order

Currently, Crysis can be purchased for $19.99 on PSN,  XBLA, Steam and Origin, though the game was briefly offered at $9.79 for PlayStation Plus members last July. In any case, the pre-order promotion sounds like a great deal for those who have only played Crysis 2, which is likely to be most Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, as the original game didn’t release for consoles until just last year. Fortunately, the console version of Crysis includes a number of enhancements brought on by Crysis 2, so those playing on Xbox and PlayStation should have no problem easing into the game.

Crysis was originally released for the PC in 2008, where it was greeted with warm reviews and the long lasting legacy of its graphical prowess. Though the game’s visual presentation may have not had the same impact on consoles, its gameplay still managed to cement Crysis as a great shooter. Seriously, try doing a stealth playthrough on Delta difficulty – it’s so much fun.

Crysis 3 releases in February 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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