In an industry where long-running franchises are brainlessly scrambling to be the next Call of Duty, the Crysis series has carved out a solid fanbase through a smart mix of blockbuster story moments and a fresh suit your style gameplay approach. Easily one of the most customizable first-person shooter experiences of the current console generation, Crysis 2 added new functionality to an already impressive array of features in the Nanosuit. Now, in Crysis 3, Crytek Studios looks to up the ante by adding even more tactical assets as well as an even bigger scale to the series story.

Players still have a month to wait (from the time of this writing) before they can step back into the nanoboots of Prophet (and Alcatraz) but, in the meantime, starting January 29th they’ll get to test drive new and improved Nanosuit functions in a public multiplayer beta.

Along with the new trailer, Electronic Arts has launched a new page on the official Crysis 3 website – with detailed information regarding what players can expect from the upcoming multiplayer beta.

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta

You can check out the complete Crysis 3 Beta page – or read-on for the main highlights.

The beta will run for two weeks (January 29th – February 13th) and will allow PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 players access to two gameplay modes, two maps, and the first 10 multiplayer ranks – along with their respective weapons, mods, and nanosuit tech. Sorry Nintendo fans, Crysis 3 is not coming to the Wii U.

Crysis 3 will launch with a variety of gameplay modes and map locales but the beta will be restricted to the following content.

Game Modes –

Hunter Mode:

This multiplayer game mode is all about the survival of the fittest. There are two teams, initially comprised of two permanently cloaked “Hunters”, and up to fourteen CELL troopers awaiting extraction. Each trooper slain respawns on the Hunter team to prey on their former allies, building to a frenetic climax. If any of the troopers survive the round, the hunters lose. Whichever way you play, Hunter Mode delivers a heart-pounding test of strategy and survival.

Crash Site Mode:

This multiplayer game mode is the ultimate King of the Hill type experience. An Alien dropship deploys a pod at random around the map. Players on each team must remain near the dropped pod in order to capture the zone and accumulate points. Each alien pod holds two shields players can utilize defensively as weapons. In addition, each Crash Site map will have a “Pinger”, a CEPH-constructed walking weapon of mass destruction. But be careful, other players can hijack the Pinger while you’re inside of it!

Maps –


Roam the dark ruins of the museum that’s located inf downtown Manhattan, and use the verticality to your advantage.


Close to the financial district, nature has taken over buildings and planes in this open fields area.

Just like the futuristic tech that adds nuance to an otherwise straightforward first person shooter experience in Crysis series gameplay, both of the available beta gameplay types offer subtle variations on typical “Infection” and “King of the Hill” multiplayer game modes. Considering players will get two weeks to test out new nanosuit mods, sneak around as cloaked Hunters, and take control of (or hack) CEPH Pinger mobile assault mechs, there’s a lot of chaotic fun available for testing.

Crysis 3 Story Trailer

Unfortunately, no single player content will be released before launch. The Crysis 3 beta is not a demo, and Crytek Studios is merely using the pre-release sneak peek to sort out any last minute online bugs. That said, the new trailer coupled with the 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 webseries, provide plenty of reason for single player gamers to have confidence in the forthcoming story campaign.

Of course, while they might not be playable, Crytek has also released a pair of gameplay walkthroughs for the Crysis 3 offline campaign – which should put any lingering fears to rest (not to mention encourage a few pre-orders).

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Crysis 3 releases on February 19, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Crytek