Crysis 2 'Be The Weapon' Trailer Shows Off Powersliding

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There's a brand new trailer for Crysis 2 out now and it looks pretty fantastic. Showing off a much more complete build of the game, the trailer is chock full of enemies, shooting, and series protagonist, Nomad, executing powerslides to shoot at the invading alien enemy.

Yes, the trailer does present more of the infantry-type aliens Nomad will encounter during the defense of New York City and all the different ways the player can dispatch them. Whether it be with conventional weaponry, throwing them off tall buildings, or kicking cars into them, this Crysis 2 trailer shows the power of the Nanosuit.


Notable in the trailer are a number of scripted events that evoke a Cloverfield feel of New York destruction, complete with a dismantled Statue of Liberty strewn about. A feel of desperation is felt throughout the trailer as the defense of the city is left to the heroic Nomad, but it looks like he's having fun with it. Another mechanic of the game, being able to slide and shoot is on parade, and it seems to be incredibly effective against the invading forces.

The gameplay variety is proudly on display as well; Nomad can engage the aliens in full frontal assault or with a stealthy approach. The worrisome thing here is whether or not being stealthy will be a worthy strategic option, seeing as how once you take one enemy, the rest may be made aware of your presence. If that's the case, the player can become highly mobile and either escape or counter attack.

Crysis 2 looks like it's going to be an incredible shooter experience. Full of action, sharing a story written by renowned author Richard Morgan, and offering a unique take on multiplayer leveling, Crysis 2 will certainly be a shooter to contend against in 2011 on many fronts.

Are you looking forward to it?

Crysis 2 is kicking cars into aliens on March 22, 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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