'Crysis 2' Trailer & Screens Showcase Nanosuit 2 Customization

Crysis 2 Trailer Multiplayer Progression

Crysis 2 will be hitting stores shelves before you know it, and Crytek and EA have started releasing a trailer series detailing the game's multiplayer progression, starting with the Nanosuit.

Potential players of Crysis 2 have had the opportunity to check out the title's multiplayer in a demo made available on Xbox 360, and a PC demo is coming soon.

This latest trailer, conveniently called "Multiplayer Progression Part 1: The Nanosuit" details the kinds of power-ups (read: perks) players can attach to the Nanosuit, and how they can customize the suit to their liking. Check it out:


Even better, we have some nice shots detailing the customization screen and the progress tracking screen, allowing players to get an idea of what the systems will be. In fact, the game's multiplayer level progression works in a slightly unique way, awarding experience according the play style of the player per game.

For example, players who spend a majority of one game cloaked and sniping will get a lot more points in Stealth. Whereas  those who spend the game running around with the suit's Armor mode online and blasting people with a shotgun will get more points in Armor. There is also a regular rank up system that FPS fans will certainly be accustomed to by now, which unlocks more upgrades as players rise in the ranks.

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Sixty hours to reach the top ranking might seem a bit excessive, and a figure like that is usually dependent on the skill of the particular gamer, but with the way the leveling system works for each category, time might be the predominant factor.

The upgrade system looks like a double-edged sword right now. There are a few upgrades that will remind players of other titles, without a doubt. But then there are those that are Crysis 2 specific, like Air Stomp, which is a Nanosuit powered Mario stomp, or Threat Tracer, which causes enemy fire have tracers that allow easier visibility. There isn't any word yet on  how many upgrades a suit can support at one time, but a good guess would allow one Armor, one Stealth, and Weapon.

Crysis 2 looks like it has enough new factors to make it a multiplayer experience that gamers will want to check out -- it might just be enough to tear people away from playing Black Ops. Only time will tell, but look forward to more videos detailing Crysis 2's multiplayer coming soon.

Ranters, are you more interested in Crysis 2's single player campaign or multiplayer mode? What do you think of the customization features?

Crysis 2 will be releasing on March 22, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: Electronic Theatre

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