'Crysis 2' Story Trailer

Crysis 2 Story Trailer

Gameplay of Crysis 2 is abound all over and we have not been shy about bringing it to you. But what of the story you ask? That's right, the first story trailer for Crysis 2 has been released and it does guarantee a bit more substance than what anyone would have originally expected from the sequel.

Of course, with a story written by sci-fi writer Richard Morgan, what else could you have expect? Morgan hasn't been shy about his opinion toward most first person shooter stories and wants Crysis 2 to be able to both engaging visually and intellectually, at least to the degree a shooter will allow. Take a look at what the author has in store for the story.

Alien invasion isn't something that's entirely new to the FPS genre, but Crysis 2 looks like it will be adapting a bit of that War of the Worlds feel with invaders that have come from within Earth. Not a whole new concept, but still, it's better than having aliens just come from outer space and have the protagonist deal with it. The feel of the world degrading all around you in the form of people being infected by a mysterious disease (probably brought on by the invaders) also adds to the desperation factor that is placed on Alcatraz, Crysis 2's hero.


Crysis 2 feels like it's going to be able to deliver on many on the promises it has made. It looks amazing, the gameplay is solid, and there are enough differences in it that won't just lump it in with the numerous other FPS titles out on the market today. There is a certain confidence present in Crytek Studios that sort of sucks people in and want to really investigate this game.

As more and more footage of Crysis 2 comes out, do you Ranters find yourself being put off or intrigued?

Crysis 2 will be releasing on March 22, 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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