In Crysis 2, the futuristic FPS from developer Crytek, players were given a whole slew options with which to take down their foes, and it was these options — everything from invisibility to super strength — that made the game’s multiplayer that much more engaging.

Hoping to give the multiplayer a jolt in the arm, Crytek has just released a trailer for their upcoming map pack, Retaliation, that features four new multiplayer arenas each bringing the same stellar attention to detail Crytek is known for.

From the look of the four maps, which are titled Park Avenue, Shipyard, Compound and Transit, players will have plenty of diverse venues with which to carry out both team-based and solo skirmishes. Each is set in the similar milieu of rundown New York City, but

Of course, any good Crysis 2 trailer wouldn’t be without a little high intensity firefight, and this trailer for Retaliation delivers quite a few. Take a look at the trailer below:

[bitsontherun JFarjkZh]

Set to release a week from today, on May 17th, Retaliation will be available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, so need to worry about console exclusives. Unfortunately, a price point for this map pack is unknown but our hope is that it is more reasonable than the typical map pack pricing.

Largely considered to be a series that features an intense single player, Crysis 2 delivered an entirely new experience with its multiplayer. By incorporating the various powers of the nanosuit into the multiplayer, Crytek helped make the game stand out amongst a sea of traditional FPS offerings.

With Retaliation, those gamers who might have become bored by the retail disc’s map offering can once again return to Crysis 2’s multiplayer for a little bit more entertainment. Like the map pack’s slogan says, Crytek wants to take their series to the next level by adapting, upgrading, and then dominating.

What do you think of Retaliation, the new map pack for Crysis 2? Are there any gamers out there still logging daily hours on the game’s servers?

Crysis 2 — Retaliation Map Pack is available May 17, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.