New 'Crysis 2' Trailer Shows Prophet's Journey

Crysis 2 Prophet's Journey Trailer

It seems like with each passing day comes a new trailer for Crysis 2, each one exploring a different facet of the very well rounded package. For those who might not have had the best gaming rig to run the first Crysis, fear not, because this trailer fills in all the important gaps, and should get gamers pumped for the sequel. While the Crysis 2 story trailer did its job to set the scene for the game, this new trailer tells how hero Alcatraz came by the iconic nanosuit.

Surviving the insurmountable odds of the first game, protagonist Prophet vowed never to succumb to the will of Jacob Hargreave, whose obsession with the nanosuit has lasted a century, but after the aliens known as the Ceph began attacking major cities, he had no choice.

After finding Alcatraz, and bequeathing him with the awesome nanosuit 2, Prophet ended his story, the story of Crysis 1, and began Alcatraz’s story in the sequel. From there, players must battle a race of aliens that have not come to Earth, but were merely lying in wait. On the surface it might seem like a story that was told before, but many of the game’s trailers have shown that the jaw-dropping visuals and action will keep gamers’ adrenaline pumping from beginning to end.


While many might be sad to see Prophet go, you could say the story of Crysis was never really just about the character within the suit, but about the suit itself. Think of it as passing the torch, handing the family's great sword through the generations. Boasting new abilities, from being able to kick cars to power sliding, this new nanosuit should make players feel even more super-powered than before. If only it was available at retail.

With the Crysis 2 release date only a month away, and all the pieces — including a hands-on look at the multiplayer in action — in place, gamers needn’t do anything more than pre-order their copy and prepare to be the weapon.

How do you feel about Alcatraz taking over protagonist duties from Prophet? Do you agree that Crysis is more about the suit itself than the person within the suit?

Crysis 2 releases March 22, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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