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Earlier this week at EA's Gamescom press event the first multiplayer details of the upcoming Crysis 2 were revealed. Nathan Camarillo, an executive producer on the game, took the stage and introduced the press to the first multiplayer footage of the highly anticipated first-person shooter.

Camarillo announced that what they will be showing is a live six on six "Team Instant Action" game played by 12 players backstage. Before the gameplay started he revealed a few details about what differentiates Crysis 2 from the other multiplayer shooters out today:

"Before we jump into the demo there are two things I want you to look for. First, is the Nanosuit. It is completely upgradable. Now you can build your own super soldier. You will be the weapon. This includes the main suit modes as well as additional modules you will unlock that fit your play style. Second, New York City is a truly unique setting for multiplayer. The vertical game space adds another layer to the experience. You will need to attack and defend from above and below."

Then the demo starts. The two teams of six are playing as the two factions in the game, the Marines and The Cell. The map they are showing is aptly titled "Rooftops", and appears to take place on the rooftops and top floors of several nearby skyscrapers.

The actual gameplay appears to be very similar to Modern Warfare 2, just with the Crysis Nanosuit powers. Every kill the player we were watching earned, a big +100 XP popped up at the top of screen. During the course of the few minutes of gameplay shown the player used several Nanosuit abilities such as armor boost, cloaking, and thermal vision. At the finale of the demo what appeared to be a called in helicopter killed the player we were observing. After his death what looked like a Kill-Cam from the perspective of the helicopter was shown, and the demo ended.

With more modes and maps to be revealed at a later date, this MP mode looks like it could be interesting. It appears that EA and Crytek are trying to steal players away from MW2 by giving them a familiar multiplayer experience with kill-streaks and kill-cams. I also wouldn't be surprised if those additional suit modules mentioned by Camarillo turn out to be some type of perk system.

So is anyone out there looking for more CoD style of multiplayer with leveling and kill-streaks? Does this increase the interest in this game or are most of you more interested in what Crytek can do with the single player mode?

Crysis 2 is set for release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 22nd, 2011 in three different editions.

Source: Kotaku

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