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Over at the Crysis 2 promotional website, the Crytek Studios and Electronic Arts teams have put together a Twitter contest in which one lucky Tweeter will have his or her name included in the game.  Yes, even you can have your name immortalized amongst the alien dead and the New York City rubble when the game releases at the end of this year.

You can either head over to the site and click the link under the Twitter Contest header, or you can simply Tweet, “Hey @Crysis, I want you to put my name in the game! #Crysis2contestNA”.

Currently, there are no parameters set as to how your name would actually be utilized in the game.  It seems likely that you’ll only have the privilege of portraying Nomad’s squad buddy that gets eviscerated by the aliens in the opening cut scene, but it’s entirely possible that you’ll serve as the namesake for the featured alien boss that Nomad squares off against at the top of the ruined Flatiron Building.  Either way, you can’t win if you don’t play.  The contest ends on May 3rd, so get that little blue bird singing as soon as possible.

Anyone else want to speculate the type of fame that the winner will receive?  I think it’d be cool to have the redesigned Nanosuit named after me:  “Here, Nomad, this is the Matt Weeber X2-4400G.  God speed, my son.”

Crysis 2 is set to release for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC in Q4 of 2010.


After further digging, it appears that Crytek Studios has released information regarding the winning Tweet.  The winning names will be featured as wall graffiti amongst the New York wreckage!  That’s right, names!  In total, 50 winners will be chosen- 25 from North America, 15 from the United Kingdom, and 10 from Germany.  Crytek will have ultimate discretion in whether your real name, your username, your gamertag, or your PSN ID will serve as backdrop to a lot of alien carnage.

Start Tweeting now!

Source:  The Tanooki