The 'Crysis 2' Experience: Road Rage Video

Crysis 2 No Co-op, But Long Campaign

Yesterday, an unofficial video showing the first thirty minutes of Crysis 2 was released, giving gamers a spoiler-heavy look into how the game starts, along with a bit of the intrigue surrounding the story. As it turns out, the story isn't just about an alien invasion in New York City. Okay, that might have been a spoiler too, but aren't you interested?

Crytek has released another line of videos entitled "The Crysis 2 Experience" with this particular installment called "Road Rage," countering their "Multiplayer Progression" series of videos. This set however, will start giving players more of a look into the single-player experience of Crysis 2, the most important and loved aspect of the original Crysis.

The open-world exploration isn't as huge as it was on the island of the first game, but Crysis 2 will afford you different ways to tackle areas, giving players a sort of mini sandbox in environment. Take a look for yourself, but be warned, there is some foul language present.


At the beginning of the video, you can see weapon customization return in the form of the sub menu which shows you the different attachments available. Nothing says fun like a suppressed shotgun. In addition, you also see the tagging system for objects of interest in the world, such as ammo resupply. The gameplay on the Xbox 360 looks very comparable to the PC video seen earlier. The graphics, while just a bit shy of looking as good as the PC, still look gorgeous and it looks like Crytek's promise of not dumbing down the console versions is holding true.

The gameplay also emphasizes how style of play can be switched up at a moment's notice,  showing how a stealth infiltration option can quickly evolve into a shoot-everything-that-moves situation. One fear that situations might end up progressing into that kind of gameplay flow more often than not. Yes, Crysis 2 will be about action, but not punishing players for their preferred style of play is also going to be a large factor for enjoyment. Players of Far Cry 2 might remember even carefully planned stealth approaches quickly degraded into gunfights.

In this video, it's almost all but confirmed that previous protagonist of Crysis 1, Nomad, will be replaced by a brand new character named Alcatraz. If you decided to watch the leaked gameplay, you will get a little insight into his backstory.

Crysis 2 is definitely starting to crank their advertising up a notch and it's going to be full of new footage and details as the clock winds down for zero hour.

Crysis 2 will be releasing on March 22, 2010 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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