GR Pick: 'Crysis 2' Disco Elevator Easter Egg

GR Pick Crysis 2 Disco Easter Egg

While Crysis 2 will most likely go down as a graphically impressive shooter that blends realism and fantastical physical abilities, many might forget that developer Crytek isn’t opposed to a little humor every now and then.

A new video has released that showcases one of what we hope are many hilarious Easter Eggs, this one featuring two soldiers, fog, and of course Disco.

As hero Alcatraz is venturing through the hallway of an abandoned hotel floor, he comes upon several elevators that can be activated. While the elevator needed to progress takes some time to rise to Alcatraz’s floor, there is a secret elevator, which opens immediately.

Unfortunately, behind those doors is a scene that cannot be unseen. It’s too bad Alcatraz was unable to join in on the party.

Throw on some BeeGees and check out the Easter Egg below:


With the Bulletstorm Red Ring of Death Easter Egg and Cliffy B vowing to pack as many as he can into Gears 3, it seems like humorous touches like Crysis 2’s are all the rage. Of course gamers aren’t all going to find these Easter Eggs, but for those who do it becomes a pleasant little distraction from an immersive experience.

Set to release tomorrow, Crysis 2 has a lot to prove to both PC and console gamers. After a less than stellar demo release, the FPS has been working hard to showcase not only its awesome graphics, but also its unique blend of mechanics that incorporate the iconic nanosuit of the series.

With a multiplayer experience that also makes good use of the nanosuit, the team at Crytek has to put together a well-rounded offering of all the elements gamers expect out of a first person shooter. Demos might have waned the enthusiasm translated by the trailers, but nothing is going to keep a super powered suit-wearing hero from making a big splash.

Is this one of the best Easter Eggs or what? Do you think that every elevator should include a disco ball and lights?

Crysis 2 releases March 22, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG

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