Crysis 2 is the recipient of a new map pack today. This new DLC, aptly named Decimation, will come complete with five new maps and two brand new weapons, adding more variety and longevity to one of the best looking shooters around. The Decimation Pack is available now on Xbox LIVE for 800 MS, and on PC for $9.99. Players on the PlayStation Network will have access to the pack on June 28 for $9.99.

If you still fancy yourself some Crysis 2, the Decimation Pack will be sure to sate your appetite for high-octane destruction against a New York backdrop. You can always go back and check out Crytek’s work on the previously released Retaliation Pack, too.

All maps will be drawing from aspects of Crysis 2’s single-player campaign. This is not bad news, as the level design in the campaign was very engrossing and detailed, which as noted inĀ our review made the game a hell of a lot of fun. The five new maps included will be: Plaza, Apartments, 5th Avenue, Chasm, and Prism. Additionally, smoke grenades will be available to players who choose to take a more tactical approach to situations or need to escape fire quickly. Fans of the first Crysis should be pleased to see the return of the FY71 Assault Rifle as part of the Decimation Pack.

Check out the trailer below and see what kind of action you can be getting into with Decimation.

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Crysis 2 really demonstrates the kinds of graphics and gameplay the current generation of consoles is capable of. While Battlefield 3 may have the realism factor cornered, there is a beauty about the slightly more animated style of Crysis 2 that still makes it worth checking out.

Are you still playing Crysis 2? Will you be picking up the Decimation Pack?

The Crysis 2 Decimation Pack is available now for Xbox 360 and PC, and releases June 28 for PS3.

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