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Crytek Studios has released a brand new Crysis 2 trailer showcasing Xbox 360 gameplay for those itchy eyes of yours. Before you even ask, yes, the game looks very pretty and it looks like it's on the right track to live up to the hype of being the prettiest game ever.

Action is the name of the game in this particular trailer, showing the protagonist, code named "Nomad" making his way to the safe zone that is housed within Central Station in New York City. Obviously, the phrase "safe zone" shouldn't exist in a city that's being decimated by alien invasion, and so when Nomad reaches the destination, a Pinger attacks. Also be on the look out for the new stealth-kill ability while cloaked.

The trailer does a good job on showing the action heavy nature of the game. It looks like there's nary a moment for players to take a breath while fending off the alien invasion, but even having a little downtime would be nice. Crysis 2 will definitely be a game for hardcore action junkies (like myself) and it certainly looks like it won't disappoint.


Two weeks ago, we saw some new Crysis 2 gameplay footage and the Crysis 2 E3 teaser trailer. As the release date grows closer,  more and more footage will become available. The title is already making big headlines, based off of high expectations from its predecessor and recent headlines informing us that Crysis 2 will be in 3D and that EA will push for more Crysis sequels in the future. With the jump to consoles, the Crysis franchise will hit a much larger mainstream audience and its sales will easily justify a Crysis 3.

Although, I'm certainly not alone in wondering what the multiplayer will be like. The original Crysis multiplayer had some capture-and-defend modes, but it wasn't something that really jumped out at me. I digress.

Crysis 2 will be fighting back the hordes of alien invaders in the Big Apple this Holiday 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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