Crysis 2: 'Be Invisible' Trailer Spotlights Stealth Combat

Crysis 2 Be Invisible Trailer Stealth

When people think of Crysis 2, it might be tempting to associate the game with the standard futuristic combat we've seen in a number of recent titles. That fact that the game looks stunning in action means it will be worth seeing, but the gameplay is anything but one-dimensional. The latest trailer for the game released by developer Crytek Studios entitled 'Be Invisible' shows that players will have more than a few ways to use the technology of the game's Nanosuit to assist them in combat.

We know that Crysis 2 will be packing some serious story behind the action, putting the player into the role of successor to the original game's protagonist, Prophet. Prophet's prologue trailer set the stage for an interesting plot, and the 'Be Strong' trailer proved that the Nanosuit 2 will be giving players superhuman strength and speed.

But to take on both human and extraterrestrial threats, players are going to need more than big muscles and quick feet. They'll need an ability to operate behind enemy lines, and weaken their foes through sabotage and stealth as well as brute strength.

Crysis 2's newest trailer tells players to become invisible, and shows that working among your opponents unseen can help you completely change the shape of a battlefield. The Nanosuit makes it possible, but it's up to the player to make it deadly.

See for yourself how invisibility will make the combat of Crysis 2 something out of the ordinary:


We had previously seen a few moments of stealth combat in various pieces of game footage, but not to this extent. Sneaking up behind your enemies is one thing, but to move in and out of cover planting ordnance, then falling back in order to detonate them is a certified game-changer.

We don't know how often that tactic will even be possible in standard gameplay, but Crytek is promising a large campaign for Crysis 2, so more than a few opportunities should present themselves. Even after the details we've been given on Nanosuit customization, we have to wonder just how many different ways of tackling a situation will be made possible.

Our own Trung Bui got some hands-on time with Crysis 2's campaign, and noticed a few instances of player choice and creativity in combat. If that experience is a sign of Crytek's approach to the game's direction, that's good news for everyone.

Whether you prefer a straightforward brutal assault, or to attack your enemies both physically and mentally, Crysis 2 will be offering you a chance to take control of every battlefield you come across.

Are there any tactics or strategies that you have yet to see implemented as much as you had hoped? Or are you more interested in the game's technology than the shooting?

Either way, Crysis 2 will be covertly power-sliding onto the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on March 22.

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