'Crysis 2' Trailer Shows How Speed Can Be A Weapon

Crysis 2 Be Fast Trailer

With every new shooter lining up to give players weaponry that combines big explosions with futuristic technology, Crytek Studios is going about things a bit differently. With Crysis 2, players won't just use weapons to eliminate their opponents - they'll become one. The game will also have some advanced guns and explosives to keep everyone happy, but the latest trailer for the game shows that speed and power are just as lethal as bullets.

The advanced strength and velocity that players will use to out-muscle their enemies, both human and alien, comes from the Nanosuit worn by the main character. Known only as Alcatraz, Crysis 2's hero inherits the advanced suit from Prophet, the star of the original game. Along with the advanced armor, Alcatraz takes on the responsibility of using its powers to protect humanity.

If all of that sounds a bit too story-focused or dense for you, don't worry, as the glimpses we've seen of Crysis 2's combat promise some serious carnage.

Crytek has released trailers exhibiting the various abilities that the Nanosuit makes possible, from moving invisibly between enemies to overpowering them, but now the developer is focusing on speed.

Plenty of shooters give players the ability to sprint, but what kind of self-respecting super-suit would only give the bearer increased foot speed? In the newest trailer, 'Be Fast,' Crytek shows that being able to out-think your enemies is just as important as being faster.

Combine the two abilities, and you have one deadly combination:


With all of the hype surrounding Crysis 2's stunning visuals, it's easy to forget just how strong a story there is behind the combat. Whether Alcatraz knows it or not, putting on the Nanosuit makes him the very last hope humanity has against an extraterrestrial threat, and a devastating war.

As the trailer states, players will need to exercise strength, cunning, and speed to defeat their enemies, which is even more true in the game's expansive multiplayer component. Whether players choose to use these specific talents is unknown, since they could just as easily fall into old habits and rely on firepower to make their way through the game.

Hopefully Crytek has spent some time making that a more difficult route, but we won't know until the game is released.

What's your take on Crysis 2? Are you prepared to become the savior of mankind, and use all of the gifts bestowed by the Nanosuit?

You'll have your chance to decide when Crysis 2 is released on March 22 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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