Cryptic Studios, the makers of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, have another project in the works that they are keeping very secret until a formal announcement this summer. The project has been rumored to be a Dungeon & Dragons MMO.

Cryptic’s Chief Creative Officer, Bill Roper, talked about the upcoming game in development and when it would be revealed to the world:

“I can’t speak to the specifics of what we’re doing, but it’s true that we have another game in the works. We won’t be making an announcement until late summer, and we’re still a ways off from launch. I can say that this is a game and a franchise we’re very excited about. I think people are going to pleased and a bit surprised with what we’re doing in terms of the game, how we make it, and even how we sell and support it. The game is being developed around new design principles merged with Cryptic’s community-first approach to ongoing development.”

Many expect the game to be of the fantasy genre with the company already having games in the superhero genre as well as the sci-fi realm. At this point, it is anyone’s guess as their “In Development” gallery opens up the speculation to other possible genres, with concept art showing a variety of possibilities.

It’s interesting that the studio is primed to release another game even though they already have two MMOs currently running that have not been without their issues. Will this new game take away from their efforts to support Champions Online and Star Trek Online? Will gamers’ past experiences with Cryptic Studios’ MMOs make them more or less likely to purchase another project of theirs?

Cryptic seems confident that they have earned the trust of enough gamers and the reputation to draw new gamers to invest in another game.

Source: Massively