Criterion Teases Big Announcement in the Next Few Months

Criterion Games Teases Big Announcement

Criterion Games has been a bit quite since the release of Burnout CRASH! last year, and today we found out why. Criterion has been hard at work at a new title which they have been teasing on Twitter. Could this announcement be a new Burnout game?

Burnout CRASH! was a fun downloadable release, but gamers were still hungry for a full sequel to Burnout Paradise, which some praise as one of the best racing titles of this generation. With so many games getting sequels as we approach the end of the current console cycle, it feels as if the Burnout franchise may be long past due for a major update.

Criterion's creative director, Craig "Sarge" Sullivan took to Twitter this weekend to both welcome new followers and to inform them that there will be some "BIG" news coming from the studio in the near future. What could be this big news be?

The first thing that pops to mind of course, is a new Burnout game. This will definitely be an exciting announcement since as stated before, Burnout Paradise was simply one of the best racing titles of this generation. It's only a matter of time before Criterion makes the next iteration of the franchise and maybe this is what we'll hear about in the next few months.

Another game they could be working on is the sequel to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a game that earned rave reviews. It was hinted at a recent EA event that a new NFS game is (unsurprisingly) in the works for 2012 and a sequel seems logical. The tweet from that event was suspiciously removed and there is no confirmation on which studio is working on the next NFS.

Expecting a new Need for Speed or Burnout sequel? It could be a new IP altogether, which would be an even bigger announcement as something refreshing, but the studio tends to stick to what it knows – and that's awesome racing titles. It is unlikely Criterion would stray too far away from their arcade racing roots.

Be sure to keep your eyes here for any developments in this story.


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