Certain Affinity is mostly well known for their delivery of first person shooter content. Along with bringing fans the Halo: Reach the Defiant Map Pack, they worked on the Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC and helped Valve previously in porting Left 4 Dead to the Xbox 360. Along with partnering with 343 Industries on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, they’re working on their own XBLA RPG, Crimson Alliance.

With Crimson Alliance (originally rumored to be the sequel to Crimson Skies) hitting Xbox Live later this summer, they decided that it was time to show off a little more of what they have been working on.

Delivering a smattering of new screenshots, you can see the two of the characters — seemingly the Wizard and Mercenary — heading deep into the Cult of Soul Siren’s lair. Each area seems to be built upon each other, which means players will be working their way through mazes of baddies and mini-bosses galore.  The interesting thing is the level of layered detail that’s shown, giving the possibility that the three-player team could potentially split up.

We also get a chance to see some of the characters’ (specifically the Wizard’s) abilities and attacks. The Wizard will have access to some monumental fire and lightning attacks, able to knockback and strike multiple foes at once. The Mercenary on the other hand, seems to have one thing in mind: brandishing his huge cleaver to deliver max damage. It will be interesting to see how their abilities manifest and grow over time, but there’s little question that Certain Affinity have thought of a good way to keep the gameplay going.

Some things that are still questionable are how the Assassin plays into the gameplay, and how it will keep players invested after games like Castle Crashers have already invaded and the market. It takes more than flashy moves and never-ending hoards of baddies to keep gamers coming back for more, especially when they are supposed to team up with three friends.

Crimson Alliance is set to be released on the Xbox 360 later this summer.

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