Pro Call of Duty Player Crimsix Explains How He Was Forced Out of OpTic Gaming

crimsix explains forced out of optic

In the wake of announcing his free agency on September 9th, Call of Duty world champion Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed some insight into his leaving OpTic Gaming, indicating he was forced out.

Optic Gaming is a professional esports organization and has a team that competes in Call of Duty league games. On June 12 2019, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC) had acquired OpTic Gaming, and at first many thought Immortals had made the decision to remove Crimsix from the team, which would have been a bold move, especially with the huge changes to gunfight coming with Modern Warfare. However, Crimsix said in a tweet simply that “It wasn’t Immortals who did this” and then posted on September 11th saying that three people had “colluded” against him.

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Questionable timing and conspiracy aside, Crimsix stated that he didn’t care about getting kicked, but was instead upset that his teammates Scump and Hecz weren’t given “a reasonable choice.” Saying he wasn’t complaining, it seems the intention of his post was to clarify who was responsible for his leaving OpTic Gaming, which points to Dashy, TJ, and FormaL.

The amount of frustration for the years spent building up the team and branding for it to end like this makes sense, but it seems he’s staying positive. In response to a comment suggesting the bright side is Crimsix now has a chance to play with a new team, Porter reassured that that was the plan. Considering his wins record, it would stand to reason that a lot of teams would be interested in signing him quickly, especially with the coming release of CoD: Modern Warfare and the multiplayer game modes leaked.

The beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases today, and it brings back a controversial customization feature. With players like Crimsix behind the controls, the next season for the popular esport will be one to follow, both to see how OpTic Gaming gets along without one of its champions, as well as which team will get to sign to the former world champion. No matter how it goes, the next year will be an interesting one.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta goes live today for PS4, and Sept 19th for PC and Xbox One

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