New Creature 'Long Legs' to Pounce on Gamers in 'Resistance 3'

Long Legs Creature set to punce on gamers Resistance 3

While Insomniac Games has shown that they listen to fan feedback and that certain elements from the first Resistance will be making a return in Resistance 3 -- like the 'weapon wheel' -- Resistance 3 will still be bringing new elements to the table, like new Chimera to battle. One such example is 'Long Legs,' pictured above. However, much like Chimera claim to be the evolution of man, Long Legs saw its share of evolutions from initial design to the version gamers will see in the finished product.

As perhaps implied by its name and its perched stance, Long Legs is is a mechanically-enhanced Chimeran Hybrid that can jump high into the air and unleash attacks from above, and obtain strategic high-ground positions during combat. Its primary weapon is the Bullseye. It would also seem the Bullseye could be an effective weapon to use against Long Legs itself, as if the player can tag a Long Legs once, the other Bullseye shots should head its way even if it were to leap up.

And while the current version looks pretty frightening, while still looking like it belongs to the Chimeran family of creatures, its evolution to the current form was a somewhat lengthy one, as can can be seen from the images in the gallery below.

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I have to say, I think Insomniac Games nailed the design with their final form for Long Legs. While the first two look interesting, the first like a dog, the second more like a dinosaur, I think both would look awkward jumping around and leaping into the air. The 'dog' version especially. It just looks too heavy to me. And while I know Long Legs is a totally fictitious creature, some level of believable design is still needed to keep the players' head in the game. And I think having the 'dog' or 'dinosaur' version of Long Legs jumping around would break that.

I also think the overly perched version looks a little too frog-like, or even Spider-Man like to make for a good Resistance creature. There needs to be the right amount of power and force behind the creature itself, and while Long Legs is likely quick and nimble I would doubt it is a ninja or that quick. Chimera, for me, have always had a little bit of a zombie feel to them, even if it is the more updated, 'running' type of zombie. Maybe it is just me, but I think Insomniac nailed the design for Long Legs and I am pretty excited to get some hands-on time with Resistance 3. From what I have seen, the game looks nice.

What do you think? Do you think Insomniac went the right direction for the Long Legs creature or do you like one of the earlier versions better? Let us know in the comments below.

Resistance 3 and Long Legs are set to jump on players come 2011 exclusively for the PS3.

Source: Game Informer

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