Alien Game Coming To Next Gen Consoles

Gamers and Alien fans were elated when they found out that Aliens: Colonial Marines would finally get a release date, especially after such a lengthy development time. Gamers not interested in Gearbox’s title may have something else to look forward to, as Total War developer Creative Assembly is also working on an Alien game — and this one is set to hit next-gen consoles.

Creative Assembly is looking for a multiplayer/gameplay programmer who’s duties will be to work on “a AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe.” There’s no beating around the bush there.

Sega’s been very tight-lipped on Creative Assembly’s title — aside from the fact that it’s an Alien game, virtually nothing else is known about it. Sega’s already published Alien VS Predator this generation, and with Colonial Marines launching in the Fall, there will be enough Alien first-person shooters. Creative Assembly has plenty of experience in the RTS genre, as the company developed Sega’s fan favorite Total War franchise. It seems likely, then, that the new game could be an RTS title set in the Alien universe, though I’m hoping for something similar to XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

While the neither PS4 nor Xbox 720 are supposed to make an appearance at E3 this year, rumors about the consoles are abundant. One recent rumor pegs Microsoft’s new system as having a 16-core CPU, in addition to an AMD Raedon 7000 series graphics card, while Sony’s Naughty Dog is hiring for a game with one million polygon characters. It’s difficult to imagine what an Alien game could look like with that much power, but we have one idea:

Alien Next Gen

With the Xbox 720 and PS4 still not officially announced, it leads one to wonder how the new Alien game will be released. Could we see a PS3/Xbox 360 launch first, or will the game release simultaneously across all platforms? Unfortunately, with so little known about the game, it’s hard to guess. It’s even entirely possible that by “future generation,” Creative Assembly is referring to Wii U development; that controller would really come in handy if it’s an RTS game. With Nintendo planning to support third party digital downloads, perhaps the game will launch on the Nintendo Network.

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Source: Creative Assembly [via Gamerzines]
Xenomorph — Lisa Frank style by GalenaLarkin

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