From storming the beaches of Normandy to battling zombies in a burning house, these are the 10 craziest campaign missions in Call of Duty series history.

Since 2003, the Call of Duty series has been delivering story campaigns full of crazy missions that try to outdo each other with over-the-top set-pieces, surprising plot twists, and disturbing moments. There have been over 100 Call of Duty missions to date, but out of all of the missions fans have played through so far, these 10 are the craziest.

Before reading on, please note that this article will contain spoilers for the entire Call of Duty series.

All Ghillied Up (Call of Duty 4)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is Getting Remastered - Call of Duty 4 ghillie suit

The Call of Duty 4 mission All Ghillied Up is widely considered to be one of the best campaign missions in series history, and for good reason. It stars a young Captain Price as he sets out on Britain’s first assassination mission since World War II. Price and his commanding officer, MacMillan, don ghillie suits and attempt to sneak by enemy forces in Chernobyl to line up a shot on their target, Imran Zakhaev.

Whereas most levels in Call of Duty 4 embrace the “guns blazing” approach, All Ghillied Up is focused on stealth, close-quarters melee kills, and intense encounters with enemy canines. It also features a good deal of sniping as players crawl through the derelict, radioactive city.

Cliffhanger (Modern Warfare 2)

10 Craziest Call of Duty Missions Ever - Modern Warfare 2 Cliffhanger mission

Cliffhanger in Modern Warfare 2 begins with players scaling a frozen cliffside. After reaching the top, it then becomes a stealth mission, as players kill their way through a compound full of heavily armed enemy combatants. Stealth goes out the window near the end of the level, though, forcing heroes Roach and Soap to make an incredible downhill escape on a pair of snowmobiles, with trigger-happy enemies in hot pursuit.

Demon Within (Black Ops III)

10 Craziest Call of Duty Missions Ever - Black Ops 3 Sarah Hall

The campaign in Black Ops III is mostly nonsensical, but it does feature one of the franchise’s craziest missions. Demon Within is a trippy rollercoaster ride through a number of visually striking settings, including a trip to a World War II battlefield, and a burning house full of zombies. It also transports players to a strange void with a single, glowing tree in its center, effectively blending outlandish sci-fi elements with the game’s gritty tone.

Dust to Dust (Modern Warfare 3)

Dust to Dust is the mission that wraps up the Modern Warfare saga, featuring the epic final showdown between Captain Price and series antagonist Vladimir Makarov. It begins with players in an impenetrable juggernaut suit, mowing down endless waves of enemies – and concluding with a helicopter crash and Makarov meeting a grisly end.

Those playing Modern Warfare Remastered will discover that Makarov can die well before Dust to Dust in Modern Warfare 3. There is an achievement in that game to kill Makarov, creating a time paradox that ensures the events of Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 never come to pass.

No Russian (Modern Warfare 2)

No Russian - Call of Duty MW2

No Russian is host to one of Call of Duty‘s most shocking moments. In this brief but disturbing level, players participate in a vile act of false flag terrorism, killing dozens of innocent people at a Russian airport. This mission is considered so upsetting that players are given an option to skip it entirely before they start the campaign.

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