We’re just days away from the hotly anticipated release of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, and now a list of trophies available in the game has been leaked to the web. Intriguingly, the leak seems to indicate that Activision has plans to release DLC in support of the remaster.

Two of the trophies available to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy players are sectioned off into their own subcategory labelled Lost Treasures DLC. Their names don’t give much of a hint as to how they’re unlocked, but their descriptions are a little more illuminating.

A silver trophy dubbed The Crown Jewel is accompanied by the phrase “seek and destroy,” while a gold trophy known as An Ancient Antiquity bears the description “do hard time.” These mysterious achievements presumably refer to some extra content that’s set to be added to the game post-launch, but nothing has been announced by Activision.

crash bandicoot n sane trilogy future frenzy

We do know that a remaster of Crash Team Racing is under consideration, but the official word is that a decision will be made based on the success of the N. Sane Trilogy. It’s possible that the kart racer could be added to the game via DLC, but it seems more likely that it would be a standalone release.

The name Lost Treasures indicates that the DLC might be something that Crash Bandicoot fans haven’t seen before. It’s possible that developer Vicarious Visions has resurrected some scrapped levels from the original trilogy that never saw the light of day in Naughty Dog’s original releases.

We know that Naughty Dog was impressed with Vicarious Visions’ work on the remaster, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the two studios collaborate in this manner. We’ll have to wait for official word to see exactly what the Lost Treasures DLC is comprised of — but with the N. Sane Trilogy out next week, we’re likely to hear something sooner rather than later.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy launches for PlayStation 4 on June 30.