See Crash Bandicoot in the Skylanders Netflix Show

See Crash Bandicoot in the Skylanders Netflix Show - Crash Bandicoot Skylanders Imaginators

As previously speculated, Crash Bandicoot appears in the Skylanders Academy TV show on Netflix, bringing with him his archenemy and an Australian accent.

Ever since Crash Bandicoot was confirmed for Skylanders: Imaginators, fans have been wondering if the energetic marsupial would also make an appearance in the recently released Skylanders Academy show on Netflix. Now that the first season of the show has been out for a few days, fans that have had enough time to binge watch every episode know that Crash does indeed appear in the show, complete with his original theme music and feud with the evil Dr. Neo Cortex intact.

In Skylanders Academy, Crash Bandicoot is transported from his world to Skylands. He decides to team up with the Skylanders to defeat Cortex, and for the most part, acts like classic Crash Bandicoot. However, Crash Bandicoot as he appears in Skylanders Academy has one key difference that sets him apart from his video game counterpart. In the show, Crash can talk, and as it turns out, he speaks with an Australian accent.

Crash's Australian accent makes sense one when considers the origin of the character. As his name implies, Crash Bandicoot is based on the real world marsupials called bandicoots, which are native to Australia. While some may have preferred that Crash remain silent in Skylanders Academy, at least he is speaking with an accent that is consistent with the origins of his character, so it seems like Activision's film and TV studio made the right call.


With Crash Bandicoot featured in Skylanders Academy, it reiterates the desire to bring the platforming legend back into the spotlight. There once was a time when Crash Bandicoot was Sony's mascot and considered a genuine rival to Mario's dominance, and while those days are long gone, who's to say that Crash can't make a comeback?

His appearance in Skylanders Academy and inclusion in Skylanders Imaginators is a good first step in that direction. Not only will it give fans a chance to revisit one of their favorite characters, but it will also familiarize the younger generation of gamers with Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex.

Perhaps if kids are intrigued by Crash after playing as him in Imaginators and seeing him in the Skylanders Netflix show, they will seek out some of his original adventures. Luckily, they won't have to ask their parents to dig the old PSOne out of the closet; the original Crash trilogy is getting remastered on PS4 next year. If Crash regains his popularity from all these ventures, we may even see a brand new Crash Bandicoot video game built from the ground-up for new-gen hardware one day.

Skylanders Academy is available to stream now on Netflix.

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