A listing on a retailer’s website may reveal that Sony and Activision are answering fans’ wishes for a Crash Bandicoot comeback, though it may not be what gamers had hoped for.

Long-time platforming fans have made it clear that Crash Bandicoot needs a comeback. Sony has previously noted that it’s aware of the demand for Crash Bandicoot, but up until now, it’s remained unclear whether that meant anything would actually be done with the abandoned series. Rumors are now flying that Crash Bandicoot will be making a comeback to modern gaming systems, but it’s probably not what most gamers had in mind.

A screenshot from Singapore retailer Qisahn’s website claims to show that Crash Bandicoot will be making a return to modern gaming via Skylanders. According to NeoGAF, the website briefly listed a Crash edition of the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack. No game screenshots or images of the presumed Crash Bandicoot Skylander toy were included in the store listing, but the Crash pack was described as releasing on October 16th of 2016, and stated that it would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

While Qisahn isn’t a well-known retailer in the west, it’s a legitimate online store and has brick and mortar storefronts based in Singapore as well, lending some credence to this being a legitimate leak. In addition, it was previously confirmed that Activision still owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot, and Activision is the company behind Skylanders, so it’s entirely plausible that it would want to incorporate Crash into the Skylanders franchise.

skylanders imaginators crash bandicoot pack listing

Additionally, Crash wouldn’t be the first iconic 1990s platform gaming character to get the Skylanders treatment. The very first Skylanders game was Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, which acted as a spin-off to the long-running Spyro game series. While one could argue that it’s better than having the license go completely to waste, having these iconic characters appear in a toys-to-life spin-off game is probably not what most gamers had in mind.

This is the latest in teases hinting that Crash Bandicoot could be making a comeback. Hints have previously been dropped by Sony, toy retailer NECA, and even the voice actor of Crash’s arch enemy in the series indicated that he might have been called in to perform a voice over for Dr. Neo Cortex. However, the existence of a Crash Skylanders pack is the first evidence that something is actually on the verge of being released.

While October isn’t too far off, chances are the best bet for learning about Crash Bandicoot‘s gaming fate will come during E3 2016 next week. Toys-to-life figures’ popularity may be waning, with Disney Infinity shutting down as a result, but the re-emergence of Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders could be enough to reinvigorate Activision’s franchise.

The supposed Skylanders Imaginators Crash Pack will release on October 16th, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: NeoGAF